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REGULAR TERMS: for new international customers we will require completed forms and prepayment. For new domestic customers we will require completed forms and trade references. All of our dispatches are EXW, meaning the customer is responsible for freight and any taxes or duties. We do have our own insurance policy that covers all incoming and outgoing shipments. There is no insurance cost added to any of our shipments.

PAYMENT METHOD: we accept credit cards, checks drawn on a Euro bank or wire transfers with all fees covered by the sender.

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES WITHIN THE CRITICAL PERIOD: return intentions must be communicated clearly and without delay. For direct sales the critical period is 30 days after we dispatch, for distributors 45 days. Depending on the nature of the return we may or may not pay the return freight. All returned material must firstly be inspected before any value is assigned. Value of 100% will be assigned if the sample and certificate are received in original condition, unless the purchase was charged - then a 5% surcharge applies when crediting the return. Restocking fees will apply if the certificate is missing, sample or certificate is damaged or otherwise altered.

RETURNS AND EXCHANGES OUTSIDE THE CRITICAL PERIOD: We reserve the right to handle all returns outside of the critical period without any limitations.

CANCELLATIONS: most of our suppliers will not allow cancellations or bulk returns, so its best to be 100% sure of your requirements before ordering. Cancellations, while sometimes possible, should generally not be expected to be possible.