Laboratory Weighing and Balance

We specialize in high-precision micro, semi-micro, analytical, and precision balances. In 2011, we also launched our new Alpha Numeric: Halogen Moisture Balances, which is the first of its kind. We are celebrating the success of this product with all our proud distributors and their customers. Additionally, we offer a wide range of Industrial scales, Platform scales, Bench scales, Counting scales, Shipping scales, Kitchen scales, Health scales, Fat scales, Baby scales, Crane scales, and more.


We have also made our mark in the Jewelry Industry by introducing specialized Jewelry Balances, Machinery, and equipment such as Carat balances, Gold testing machines, Laser marking and Welding machines, Karat analyzers, Engravers, and various types of Ultrasonic cleaners.

We possesses product certificates such as NTEP, OIML, EC type approval, and CE, ensuring the high quality of our products and production process according to international standards.

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