Coating thickness XRF Standards

Today, leading institutions in over 80 countries use our standards to calibrate their XRF systems. Our standards are most often used for instrument calibration and quality 

control in the fields of air pollutionand thin coatings. They are also useful as a source of pure element spectra for use in background subtraction routines, and as a routine 

check of x-raydetector resolution and over all system performance.

All standards are prepared by vacuum deposition resulting in a highly uniform deposit. In most cases, the standards present an element free of interferences and are thin 

enough to ignore thickness effects. Where it is necessary to use compounds or semi-compounds, the companion elementsare chosento minimize interference and provide 

stability. While high purity is not critical in thesethin films, materials used are 99.9% pure or better.

Certified XRF Calibration Standards: XRF Standards are NIST Traceable reference material Certification is provided for each calibration standard.  The areal density of each 

deposit is determined by precision weighing and further tested for precision by Spectrometry. Our nominal 50 µg/cm2 thickness standards are certified to ±5%. Custom 

thicknesses are also available. 

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